I just finished the last page of another book of my journal. It began like this on June 1, 2016:


Father, I can't see what You see in Your plan;

  I don't know what You know in Your plan;

But I am still now and forever in/with You,

  because I see and know clearly that

You have a plan/plans for me as You declared (Jeremiah 29:11) 

I live in a delightful overjoy even in the low-land

  because You are with me. 

Oh, my Father, I adore You 

  and I praise Your name!


The last page of this journal was filled up with thanksgiving for guidance and another thanksgiving for God's blessings on my wife's friend and her five kids. It begins like this on September 10, 2016:


Father, Your Word and Heart have been delivered to George's family and other people who were there to celebrate their thanksgiving for the new house and to share their joy of Your blessings.


You are an amazing and creative God, our Father who build a new faithful community out of broken and weak family. 


Finishing this journal, I titled it "You Suffice for Us!" Yes, our God, He suffices for us! He is everything to us as Paul said. He is the only reason for our life. Glory to the Father! O, He is our Father!

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